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detailing admin

Are you tired of the endless spreadsheets, files, notes, and random pieces of paper spread across your desk?

Have you been looking for a better way to organize and consolidate these headaches into one location?

Here is a brief overview of the things that this program can do to

Your company

  • Store information
  • Store information on each of your customers. (Name, address, email, phone, vehicles, �etc)

  • Services are customizable to your individual company.

  • Customize service
  • Email Confirmations / Follow Ups
  • Send confirmation emails whenever someone makes an appointment.

  • Create Calendar
  • Creates a calendar of the day�s jobs, broken down by van / shop and service.

  • Create Reports
  • Ability to create reports for custom time periods to see sales by van and / or service.

  • Reoccurring Appointment
  • Allow for setting up of reoccurring appointments at specific intervals, and then notifies you when they are due.

  • Track Accounts
  • Tracks accounts receivable in each record. No more having to remember who was billed and when. It is all done with one click inside the individual record.

  • Printable Work Orders
  • Printable work orders

  • Task Assignment
  • Ability to assign work to users and have them access and retrieve it from any mobile device.

  • Creates and Tracks Gift Certificates
  • Creates and tracks gift certificates. Also allows for redeeming inside each record, so you can know when a gift certificate was used, and by whom.

  • Improving your experience
  • The program is always being updated. Suggestions from the other users, as well as new ideas from me, keep it constantly improving your experience and usefulness.

Thank you for your interest in Detailing Admin. We have received your request and will be in touch soon.